Mojo Rising Heat #2 Wednesday, September 27 at Mojo's Bar

MC Justin Walshe - in considerable unorthadox form, which, relatively, is bloody saying something, thanked the sponsors and introduced the judges, the latter being Dom Mariani (Dom Mariani), Laurie Mariani (Laurie Mariani), Nelson Mondlane and Rhys Hussey (Both Pow Negro), Phaedra Watts (Nannup Fest), Taylah Strano (RTRFM) 

Dariia came out brash wit two guitars, bass an drums and appear to dig on dynamic rock ranging from slint to rage against the machine. Some of the most unique ideas on stage all night came from these guys. Definitely a force Dariia will no doubt appear on future post rock, punk and alt rock line ups.

Wooly Mammoth are a great pop band. A pop band consisting of synth keys, guitars, bass and drums, the Mammoth are a quite perfect act pretty much ready for a wide audience. The vocalist's voice is comfortable and will record very well. They are all great players and funnel that into a cohesive sound.

Timbo Roberts is a one man spiritual divining rod or calm and beauty. His music is in ragas - repeating escalating long bar repeats - and like bands are hoped to do for Mojo Rising - he truly ascends on stage. Playing guitar with chorus, loops and reverb - and maintaining the truly outstanding vocal talents showcased at this gig - Timbo is a truly unique artist with a large and resonant calm that generously pours out of him.

Kat Wilson Trio are very nearly as solid a band as one can possibly expect from a band comp run by people at a 200 cap local music venue. Blues pop in direction with songs, poured in a very comfortably, through stratocaster electric guitar - in a most adept manner - creative and complex drum patters - that are very easy to listen to - and song-honouring - not tricky - 5 string bass parts - these guys are pretty much ready to hit the road and please whoever they want. 

Last up were Steve Hensby Band who are quite possibly too good to be in a band competition. Impeccable players of the extroverted folk style they pretty much showed all how to slay with a squeezebox, keys, guitar, bass and drums. A very entertaining act who adventure most joyous through a myriad of traditional ye-olde-folk directions in music. 


It was Kat Wilson Trio (pictured) who were Heat #2 winners. Catch them at Mojo's at Semi Final #1 November 17!

Andrew Ryan