Mojo Rising Heat #1 Wednesday, September 20 at Mojo's Bar

In from the cool bluster they all came. Master of Ceremonies Justin Walshe the mad Aussie poet, who perfectly explodes in all directions with his staccato-delivered self-reflexive wit, kicked this off with in season aplomb.

Justin introduced the judges, Kester Sappho (Jarrah Records), Bob Gordon (Around The Sound), Farren Wood (Funk Club) , Panther (Mojos) Robbie Rumble (Love Junkies); in weighing up who won - these guys had considerable decisions to make.

JFK's 3 and 4 part harmonies are the icing on the cake of their 'tight as a fishes' band. Some times classic 60's pop direction but all the time JFK charm and extroverted pop sound, these young musical men played synth, guitars and drums, wore well fitted suits, - and - kicked off Mojo Rising in near intimidating style. JFK are a very fun band.

Next up Fox Scully, looked and had a relaxed nature like they were still at one of their share houses jamming without any sense of performance poise. This allowed for their American indie poetry influenced music, feat guitars, drums and sax - and - unique lyrical directions to be even more clearly heard. These are some odd bod individuals, in a great way.

Joys came out gnarly with a grunge like sound, and moved in musical direction quite a bit. Throughout the set their bass player has constantly warm harmonising lines and with two main vocalists the band - who brought a throng to the room - these guys impressed the judges with their ready to showcase sound.

Mark Turner and his band are exceptional musicians and Mark's performance, banter and presence is of a fella who will play for all his days as on stage he is in his element. Somehwhat of a blues band, with olympic grade lead breaks, drum solos, smooth as melted chocolate double bass -
we can't recommend enough; go and see this act for a reliably great performance.

Sealamb, possibly the act with the most performance hours on the Mojo's stage, pumped out their slippery shoegaze indie rock through guitars, drums and a . With the room remaining mostly full throughout the night - as a gig, they were the perfect act to headline a Mojo's Bar show.


It was Fox scully (pictured) They won. Great band! Catch them at Mojo's at Semi Final #1 November 17!

fox scully.jpg
Andrew Ryan