Mojo Rising Heat #3 Wednesday, October 4 at Mojo's Bar

Another cracker of a night with another batch of varied and really cool bands. MC Justin Walshe is loosening up into the comp and he was already too loose on the first night.

Judges in the room were Mark Neal (WAM, Sewing Room, musician), Hayley-Jane (Oztix, 360, musician), Ali Flintoff/ Vin Buchanan Simpson/ Jack Gaby (Dream Rimmy/Boat Show), Dominique Pratt (flim/TV), Chris Wheeldon (RTRFM, chief).

Underdog Mob are a duo without all the bling or pomp commonly adorned by beat and rhyme creators. More casual attire and one has a bushman's beard, they create a comfortable feel in the room for all and their on point lyrics were verbose, progressive but with a constant party vibe. These guys have a good following who were all in the room for their set and this was no surprise.

Villanova are all class. Pschye meets blues jams with a great awareness of dynamic and feel and rhythm change - as well as killer tone from the stratocaster with subtle wah wah use - these guys are an untapped go to band that will be doing the rounds at all the psyche infested venues a bunch more. There's no doubt about Villanova Music's authentic sound and their musicianship.

Yomi Ship do it different. All instrumental, ADD catering arrangements ie. song parts that are of one rhythm or pace, style or key and then swap with only a drum part that separates them all held down in a math rock like tightness. They are an entirely unorthadox band in the pop world but from a post rock perspective fit the bill entirely following on from acts like Oxes, Polvo and the-instrumental-sections-of Perth's own O. A bombastic yet entirely ordered sound.

Oh White Mare had a ballsy trio rock sound like that of Foo Fighters or early Perth power pop bands like Ammonia. They were certainly the loudest act of the night which plugged right into their straight up sound. Contrasted against Aussie hip hop, Psyche Blues and Math rock they brought in their own punters who wanted their rock big, anthemic and no nonsense.

Spencer Arbuckle are a very interesting band. Think Serge Gainsburg, Timber Timbre and Anohni (formerly Antony Hegarty) - the singer was undoubtedly the best vocalist onstage all night. The act had brass and a cool and slinky / swaggery groove. These guys are the kind of act that - if they stay together - could make a number of great sounding albums.


Yomi Ship won. They were the judge's choice (pictured). Catch them at Mojo's at Semi Final #2 November 24!

Andrew Ryan