Mojo Rising Heat #4 Wednesday, October 11 at Mojo's Bar

MC Justin Walshe was a more professional version of himself - but that is even more wild. This notable Freo man has been a strange and wonderful guiding light through Mojo Rising 2017.

5 Judges for Heat #4: Dixie Battersby (Publicity - to the stars), Vin and Jake (Hideous Sun Demon), Maisie Glenn (Nannup Music fest, Musician), Kate Daniels (event programmer, creative) & Nathan Tempra (Electronic music producer, musician).

Figurehead opened up the night with their solid pop sound. Their British and American influences work in a Blur and Greenday kind of way as their music varied through their set. All great individual players and a real tight band, the only box not completely ticketed is the sense of swagger their music has which could be expressed onstage a little more.

The Piscos make a party. We could picture the backyard setting, pool, many empty exports, Australian summer scene as they basted out their garage psychedelic pop music. The front man is really comfortable onstage and helped the room ease up. They have a few more onstage hours to go to really tighten up, but that didn't hinder their relaxed party vibe.

Spacey Jane make compelling and cohesive guitar-pop with rock-swagger musical directions. Having played quite a few shows around town their onstage performance is comfortable and entertaining. Fact that they play really nice guitars isn't the stuff for reviews but, they have really nice guitars. These guys are onto something that is pretty much ready for most audiences.

Michael Strong is abstract experimental music _not_ slouched over a laptop. He is an extrovert making introverted music and like the unconventional juxtaposition of his persona and his art his onstage set up is unique. Roto toms, snare, kick drum and a stash of small electronic interfaces poured over like Italian mumma would pasta sauce - if she were on uppers - Mr Strong proved a Wednesday late-night mind blowing sonic assault.


Spacey Jane won. They were the judge's choice (pictured). Catch them at Mojo's at Semi Final #2 November 24!

spacey jane.jpg
Andrew Ryan