Mojo Rising 2017
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168 entrants. 11 huge events.

This would not have been possible without our dear sponsors of whom we are so fond, massive thanks-mate to Cool Perth Nights (our creators!), Mojos Bar Fremantle (where we were born), 4 Pines Brewing Company (quality!), The Hills Cider Company (Adelaide and Australia's own!), Sailor Jerry (delectable!), Smirnoff (consistent global bosses!), Jarrah Records (Freo's own), Blackbird Sound Studio (musical crown land filled with royalty!), Forensic Audio (world class mastering based in Leederville), Dan Grant Photography (casual lens lord), RTRFM 92.1(only station that supports from the start!), Scenestr. (Bringing music print media back to WA!).

Mojo Rising will return in 2018 and will be held at multiple WA live and original music venues including Mojo's Bar and Rosemount Hotel - to name a few!!!

WHO WON Mojo Rising 2017!?! 🤘

Carla Geneve (pictured) won. Amazing artist and band. Do yourself a favour and find out about Carla - if you don't know already!!!!

Congrats also to Wooly Mammoth, Last Quokka and Kopano.

Big love. Happy new year!

Mojo Rising crew xox

Andrew Ryan
Mojo Rising Heat #4 Wednesday, October 11 at Mojo's Bar

MC Justin Walshe was a more professional version of himself - but that is even more wild. This notable Freo man has been a strange and wonderful guiding light through Mojo Rising 2017.

5 Judges for Heat #4: Dixie Battersby (Publicity - to the stars), Vin and Jake (Hideous Sun Demon), Maisie Glenn (Nannup Music fest, Musician), Kate Daniels (event programmer, creative) & Nathan Tempra (Electronic music producer, musician).

Figurehead opened up the night with their solid pop sound. Their British and American influences work in a Blur and Greenday kind of way as their music varied through their set. All great individual players and a real tight band, the only box not completely ticketed is the sense of swagger their music has which could be expressed onstage a little more.

The Piscos make a party. We could picture the backyard setting, pool, many empty exports, Australian summer scene as they basted out their garage psychedelic pop music. The front man is really comfortable onstage and helped the room ease up. They have a few more onstage hours to go to really tighten up, but that didn't hinder their relaxed party vibe.

Spacey Jane make compelling and cohesive guitar-pop with rock-swagger musical directions. Having played quite a few shows around town their onstage performance is comfortable and entertaining. Fact that they play really nice guitars isn't the stuff for reviews but, they have really nice guitars. These guys are onto something that is pretty much ready for most audiences.

Michael Strong is abstract experimental music _not_ slouched over a laptop. He is an extrovert making introverted music and like the unconventional juxtaposition of his persona and his art his onstage set up is unique. Roto toms, snare, kick drum and a stash of small electronic interfaces poured over like Italian mumma would pasta sauce - if she were on uppers - Mr Strong proved a Wednesday late-night mind blowing sonic assault.


Spacey Jane won. They were the judge's choice (pictured). Catch them at Mojo's at Semi Final #2 November 24!

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Andrew Ryan
Mojo Rising Heat #3 Wednesday, October 4 at Mojo's Bar

Another cracker of a night with another batch of varied and really cool bands. MC Justin Walshe is loosening up into the comp and he was already too loose on the first night.

Judges in the room were Mark Neal (WAM, Sewing Room, musician), Hayley-Jane (Oztix, 360, musician), Ali Flintoff/ Vin Buchanan Simpson/ Jack Gaby (Dream Rimmy/Boat Show), Dominique Pratt (flim/TV), Chris Wheeldon (RTRFM, chief).

Underdog Mob are a duo without all the bling or pomp commonly adorned by beat and rhyme creators. More casual attire and one has a bushman's beard, they create a comfortable feel in the room for all and their on point lyrics were verbose, progressive but with a constant party vibe. These guys have a good following who were all in the room for their set and this was no surprise.

Villanova are all class. Pschye meets blues jams with a great awareness of dynamic and feel and rhythm change - as well as killer tone from the stratocaster with subtle wah wah use - these guys are an untapped go to band that will be doing the rounds at all the psyche infested venues a bunch more. There's no doubt about Villanova Music's authentic sound and their musicianship.

Yomi Ship do it different. All instrumental, ADD catering arrangements ie. song parts that are of one rhythm or pace, style or key and then swap with only a drum part that separates them all held down in a math rock like tightness. They are an entirely unorthadox band in the pop world but from a post rock perspective fit the bill entirely following on from acts like Oxes, Polvo and the-instrumental-sections-of Perth's own O. A bombastic yet entirely ordered sound.

Oh White Mare had a ballsy trio rock sound like that of Foo Fighters or early Perth power pop bands like Ammonia. They were certainly the loudest act of the night which plugged right into their straight up sound. Contrasted against Aussie hip hop, Psyche Blues and Math rock they brought in their own punters who wanted their rock big, anthemic and no nonsense.

Spencer Arbuckle are a very interesting band. Think Serge Gainsburg, Timber Timbre and Anohni (formerly Antony Hegarty) - the singer was undoubtedly the best vocalist onstage all night. The act had brass and a cool and slinky / swaggery groove. These guys are the kind of act that - if they stay together - could make a number of great sounding albums.


Yomi Ship won. They were the judge's choice (pictured). Catch them at Mojo's at Semi Final #2 November 24!

Andrew Ryan
Mojo Rising Heat #2 Wednesday, September 27 at Mojo's Bar

MC Justin Walshe - in considerable unorthadox form, which, relatively, is bloody saying something, thanked the sponsors and introduced the judges, the latter being Dom Mariani (Dom Mariani), Laurie Mariani (Laurie Mariani), Nelson Mondlane and Rhys Hussey (Both Pow Negro), Phaedra Watts (Nannup Fest), Taylah Strano (RTRFM) 

Dariia came out brash wit two guitars, bass an drums and appear to dig on dynamic rock ranging from slint to rage against the machine. Some of the most unique ideas on stage all night came from these guys. Definitely a force Dariia will no doubt appear on future post rock, punk and alt rock line ups.

Wooly Mammoth are a great pop band. A pop band consisting of synth keys, guitars, bass and drums, the Mammoth are a quite perfect act pretty much ready for a wide audience. The vocalist's voice is comfortable and will record very well. They are all great players and funnel that into a cohesive sound.

Timbo Roberts is a one man spiritual divining rod or calm and beauty. His music is in ragas - repeating escalating long bar repeats - and like bands are hoped to do for Mojo Rising - he truly ascends on stage. Playing guitar with chorus, loops and reverb - and maintaining the truly outstanding vocal talents showcased at this gig - Timbo is a truly unique artist with a large and resonant calm that generously pours out of him.

Kat Wilson Trio are very nearly as solid a band as one can possibly expect from a band comp run by people at a 200 cap local music venue. Blues pop in direction with songs, poured in a very comfortably, through stratocaster electric guitar - in a most adept manner - creative and complex drum patters - that are very easy to listen to - and song-honouring - not tricky - 5 string bass parts - these guys are pretty much ready to hit the road and please whoever they want. 

Last up were Steve Hensby Band who are quite possibly too good to be in a band competition. Impeccable players of the extroverted folk style they pretty much showed all how to slay with a squeezebox, keys, guitar, bass and drums. A very entertaining act who adventure most joyous through a myriad of traditional ye-olde-folk directions in music. 


It was Kat Wilson Trio (pictured) who were Heat #2 winners. Catch them at Mojo's at Semi Final #1 November 17!

Andrew Ryan
Mojo Rising Heat #1 Wednesday, September 20 at Mojo's Bar

In from the cool bluster they all came. Master of Ceremonies Justin Walshe the mad Aussie poet, who perfectly explodes in all directions with his staccato-delivered self-reflexive wit, kicked this off with in season aplomb.

Justin introduced the judges, Kester Sappho (Jarrah Records), Bob Gordon (Around The Sound), Farren Wood (Funk Club) , Panther (Mojos) Robbie Rumble (Love Junkies); in weighing up who won - these guys had considerable decisions to make.

JFK's 3 and 4 part harmonies are the icing on the cake of their 'tight as a fishes' band. Some times classic 60's pop direction but all the time JFK charm and extroverted pop sound, these young musical men played synth, guitars and drums, wore well fitted suits, - and - kicked off Mojo Rising in near intimidating style. JFK are a very fun band.

Next up Fox Scully, looked and had a relaxed nature like they were still at one of their share houses jamming without any sense of performance poise. This allowed for their American indie poetry influenced music, feat guitars, drums and sax - and - unique lyrical directions to be even more clearly heard. These are some odd bod individuals, in a great way.

Joys came out gnarly with a grunge like sound, and moved in musical direction quite a bit. Throughout the set their bass player has constantly warm harmonising lines and with two main vocalists the band - who brought a throng to the room - these guys impressed the judges with their ready to showcase sound.

Mark Turner and his band are exceptional musicians and Mark's performance, banter and presence is of a fella who will play for all his days as on stage he is in his element. Somehwhat of a blues band, with olympic grade lead breaks, drum solos, smooth as melted chocolate double bass -
we can't recommend enough; go and see this act for a reliably great performance.

Sealamb, possibly the act with the most performance hours on the Mojo's stage, pumped out their slippery shoegaze indie rock through guitars, drums and a . With the room remaining mostly full throughout the night - as a gig, they were the perfect act to headline a Mojo's Bar show.


It was Fox scully (pictured) They won. Great band! Catch them at Mojo's at Semi Final #1 November 17!

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Andrew Ryan
Welcome to the Party

Mojo Rising kicked off last night with a welcome party.

Congrats to the bands who made the grade according to the listening panel to be amongst those who play the heats and those supplementary acts who are standing by upon any cancellations.. The heats kick off Sept 20.

Successful entrants and supplementary acts:

Airline Food
Amber Waves
Bad Friends
Candy Guts
Carla Geneve
Creatures of Habit
Desert Sonnes
DIY Rainclouds
Fox Scully
Garden Island
Glass Wave
Grenan Dawley
Iceage Sugar
Kaitlin Keagan
Kat Wilson Trio
Kim MacDonald and the secret Ballot
Last Quokka
Mark Turner
Michael Strong
Mt. Cleverest
Oh White Mare
Post Depression Makeout Session
Rich Road
Sao Nam
Spacey Jane
Spencer Arbuckle
Steve Hensby Band
The Bambuseae Rhythm Section
The Piscos
The Reductors
Timbo Roberts
Underdog Mob
Wooly Mammoth
Yomi Ship

Pictured: Airline Food feeling spicey having won this evening's door prize. Haha.

Andrew Ryan
Mojo Rising 2017 Announced!

Cool Perth Nights are incredibly proud to announce Mojo Rising, an innovative competition for emerging West Australian bands to be staged at much-loved crucible of independent live music Mojo’s Bar.

Relationships and a strong sense of community is integral to everything Cool Perth Nights and Mojo’s do - Mojo Rising has been designed around this philosophy. The competition is a phoenix-like reboot of a talent drive we ran in 2010 which has now been adapted to suit to the realities of the music industry in 2017. We believe that connecting up-and-coming artists into a supportive network of contacts and carefully guiding them through their first years in the industry is now as important, if not more, than a traditional cash prize. With this experience in mind, we’ve designed Mojo Rising as a supercharged musical ‘buddy system’ where the winning band will be nurtured by our team and our networks over a year. In short, Mojo Rising is a competition that aims to give the winner the tools to help themselves.

Entries to Mojo Rising are open now and close on September 7 - very soon! Heats take place every Wednesday at Mojo’s from Sept 20 - Nov 8 ($5 entry). Semi finals take place on Friday November 17 and 24 with the grand final held on Saturday December 2 ($15 entry).

Each competition will judged by a panel of five judges selected from a pool of WA musicians, music industry and media.

Mojo Rising Is proudly sponsored by the following partners: 4 Pines Brewing Company, Blackbird Sound Studio, Dan Grant Photographer, Forensic Audio Mastering, Jarrah Records, Redroom, RTR FM 92.1, Sailor Jerry, Scenestr, Smirnoff, The Hills Cider Company

Andrew Ryan