Mojo Rising

SEP 20 - DEC 2 2017


Grand Final

December 2, 2017


About Mojo Rising

“In the Worlds before Mojo’s,
Primal chaos reigned, Heaven sought order,
But the Phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown.
The four worlds formed again and yet again,
As endless aeons wheeled and passed.
Time and the pure essences of Heaven,
The moistures of the Earth,
And the powers of the Sun and the Moon
All worked upon a certain rock - old as Creation,
And it magically became fertile.
That first egg was named Thought,
Tathagata Buddha, the Father Buddha,
Said, ‘With our thoughts we make the world.’
Elemental forces caused the egg to hatch,
From it then came a stone Mojo’s.
The nature of Mojo’s was irrepressible!”

Mojo Rising alike to Mojo’s Bar has been built upon many real friendships with all sorts and walks within the Perth and Fremantle local music scene. All who take part in this band comp will get to know more people they ought to know, to keep music in their lives forever, as it ought to be.


ϟ  Songwriting – Without songs there is less purpose to the sound. But this doesn’t mean there must be obvious songwriting norms. Instrumental drone pieces are just as much songs as the classics when they represent a snapshot of a moment in time. Songwriting remains very much a core principle in all genres of music.

ϟ  Musicianship – WA is renowned in Australia for producing musicians that can play their instruments – we value this!
ϟ  Level of Innovation – We want those breaking ground in terms of style, lyrical content, and image as well as unique approaches to their instrument.
ϟ  Richness of Influences – Usually known as originality. Whilst this is a new and innovative music competition, Mojo Rising are a little more realistic with the concept of originality in 2017.

ϟ  Crowd Response  All the judges know what they know and their insights guided by Mojo Rosing criteria are key to the assessment integrity of this band comp. What that doesn’t account for ... is the reaction any given band can create amongst a crowd of music punters. Yes we value crowd response too!




First Prize

ϟ  A recording and mastering package for a single at Blackbird Sound Studio with Dave Parkin and Forensic Audio with Simon Struthers

ϟ  A one-on-one music consultancy session with local manager Phil Stevens (John Butler, San Cisco, The Waifs, Pow Negro, 
Stella Donnelly)

ϟ  A band photography session with leading local photographer Dan Grant

 ϟ  A graphic design package from Red Room Design

ϟ  Advertising campaigns with RTR FM and Scenestr Magazine
ϟ  A schedule of regular planning and network meetings and ‘check ins’ with the Cool Perth Nights booking and publicity team. Each of these meetings will involve CPN introducing you to the relevant people we work with to further your career
ϟ  Booking prioritisation at CPN-booked venues Rosemount Hotel, Mojo’s Bar, The Moon and Babushka

ϟ  A Cool Perth Nights digital promo package reaching out to an audience of 47,000 + engaged music followers

Second Prize

ϟ Booking prioritisation at CPN-booked venues Rosemount Hotel, Mojo’s Bar, The Moon and Babushka

ϟ  A photoshoot with leading local photographer Dan Grant


Third Prize

ϟ  A Cool Perth Nights digital promo package for campaign of the band’s choice reaching out to an audience of 47,000 + engaged music followers.

ϟ  More generally, all of the bands who enter this competition that make a buzz in the room will end up with more visibility and shows 'round town in general.


Blackbird Sound Studio Recording

Dave Parkin at Blackbird Sound Recording is generously supporting Mojo Rising and is definitely one of our fave producers and engineers in Perth. He has a way of making artists be themselves more than they knew they could be, and assists on all levels of producing great tunes. Dave has worked with the likes of Sleepy Jackson, Tired Lion and Jebediah. 



Forensic Audio Mastering

Simon Struthers’ mastering company Forensic Audio is also part of the 2017 Mojo Rising story. From metal bands in Singapore to the latest Paul Dempsey album, Simon’s amazing Leederville studio will be used to master the song recorded by Dave Parkin - all as part of the first prize for the winner of Mojo Rising at the Grand Final, Saturday December 2. 


Two Hour Consultation with Phil Stevens of Jarrah Records

The Grand Final winners will have the opportunity to sit down and have lunch with Phil Stevens to gain some inimitable insights from the man who has delivered the likes of San Cisco, John Butler and The Waifs to the world. Phil Stevens is currently managing Stella Donnelly and Pow! Negro, two acts who are no doubt destined for great things!


RTRFM Local Band Advertising Package

There is only one radio station around who consistently supports varied genres of local music and mixes that up with underground heroes from across the world - this is of course RTRFM. RTR will be presenting the Grand Final prize winners with a local band advertising package including an on-air announcement, radio ads and a feature in their weekly Off Your Dial e-newsletter!


Poster Art by Red Room Design

As well as being incredibly tall, Joey K is a lovely man. He has worked with bands in this town for over two decades and has remained fresh. The winners of the Grand Final will also receive a design job of their choice to accompany the release recorded and mastered by Dave Parkin and Simon Struthers. 


Quarter Page Advert & Half Page Editorial in Scenestr Magazine

Scenestr saw a hole in the printed press market due to The Music and X-Press no longer being printed and have been making strides with their fresh perspective on pop culture and entertainment in this city. The Grand Final winners will also receive a quarter page ad and half page editorial in Scenestr Magazine for a campaign of their choice.


Cool Perth Nights Booking Prioritisation for Six Months

It’s no secret that Cool Perth Nights is in bed with Mojo’s bar. On offer as part of the Second Prize is booking prioritisation from Cool Perth Nights for 6 months, gaining the band cool support spots for touring acts, and inclusion on the more exciting lineups at one of the many venues Cool Perth Nights puts shows into. More generally, all of the bands that enter this who make a buzz in the room when they play will end up with more shows around town. We looking forward to giving prioritisation to many of the bands who enter this comp!


Photo Package with Dan Grant

The second prize winners will also receive a photo package for their campaign courtesy of legendary local photographer Dan Grant, whose clients include the Black Swan Theatre Company, X-Press Magazine and the Art Gallery of Western Australia,

Cool Perth Nights Digital Promo Package

A Cool Perth Nights digital promo package will also be awarded to the Third Prize winner to assist with the campaign of their choice, enabling them to reach an audience of 47,000 + engaged music followers through our weekly mailout, gig guide app and social media channels!



Alike to the 2010 version of Mojo Rising, there will be 5 judges on the night all with respectable reputation and experience.

What we really enjoy is getting these industry heavyweights out of their lounge room and in front of brand new bands, as whilst everyone strives for fame and fortune, there is actually nothing more energising for the band and industry types alike than feeling the buzz of a brand new sound.



What’s create about this competition is that it shares relationships which have contributed to Mojo’s Bar and Cool Perth Nights being what they are today. In this real sense, we thank essential partners:


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